13 Books To Read By Black Feminist Women

The Resistance Library

Re-blogged with permission from Role Reboot and the author. [Role Reboot, 12-22-14]


By Khadijah Costley White
Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers University
Find her on Twitter here.

Whether you’re still looking for a gift for a feminist friend, need some vacation reading material, or just want to understand what black feminism is all about, look no further.

Here’s my suggested list of Black Feminist Books to read (and read again).

My Personal Favorites (in no particular order):

Words of Fire Collection, edited by Beverly Guy-Scheftall

This compilation of black women’s writing throughout American history is aptly titled: It is fire. From Sojourner Truth to radical black feminist critiques in the late 20th century, there is no reason why every single person should not own and read this book. If you want a reader on black feminism, this should be your go-to.

Crusade for…

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